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Syracuse Jewish Family Service at Menorah Park

Hodes Way, 4101 East Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13214

Telephone: 315-446-9111   Fax: 315-446-1537    Email: info@sjfs.org

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**Family Time with the Family Service Event Information**

Sundays this Fall at the JCC, join us for series of fun, wellness-oriented activities, featuring Drumming Circles with Jimbo Talbot, Painting with Barbara Baum, and Yoga with Linda Santanam. Come by yourself, with a friend, or with the whole family!

Click here to view the Yoga flier

Also, check our SJFS Facebook Page for more information about individual events.

UPCOMING EVENT: This Sunday, November 20Family Style Yoga.

Tap into your inner well-being with family-style yoga with Linda Santanam! No experience necessary, and fun for everyone.  Come by yourself, with a friend, or with the whole family!

Call (315) 449-9111 ext. 256 or email EllisD@sjfs.org if you have any questions or if you'd like to preorder tickets.



Looking for Help?

Try AgeWise Solutions!

AgeWise Solutions has a team of professional geriatric care managers you can trust to be by your side. We will personally guide you and your family through the maze of Medicare, Veterans benefits, home care choices, insurance claims, transportation... well, anything you need to give you peace of mind each day.


Call us at (315) 446-9111 x234 TODAY

to see how we can help give you peace of mind TOMORROW 

Our Staff and How to Contact Us

Administration Extension
Judith Huober Director 236 HuoberJ@sjfs.org
Ellen Somers, LMHC Assistant Director 225 SomersE@sjfs.org
Peggy Miller, LMSW Internship Coordinator 234 MillerP@sjfs.org
Kristina Vanderwerf Business Manager 196 KVanderwerf@menorahparkofcny.com
General Information 234
Care Management
Evelyn Kinsey, MSW Solutions Care Manager 230 KinseyE@sjfs.org
Tessa Wood, LMSW Solutions Care Manager 231 WoodT@sjfs.org
Rob Hoston E.I.S.E.P. Case Manager 229 HostonR@sjfs.org
Diane Seidenfus E.I.S.E.P. Case Manager 226 SeidenfusD@sjfs.org
Danielle Schneider E.I.S.E.P. Case Manager 233 SchneiderD@sjfs.org
Deborah Ellis Kosher Meals on Wheels Coordinator 256 EllisD@sjfs.org
Community Mental Health, BeWell Initiative
David Donaghy LCSWR Intake Coordinator/Social Worker 227 DonaghyD@sjfs.org
Bertha Jacobs, LCSWR Social Worker 227 JacobsB@sjfs.org
Rosalie Young, LCSWR Social Worker 237 YoungR@sjfs.org
Peggy Miller, LMSW BeWell Initiative Coordinator 234 MillerP@sjfs.org
Larry Crinnin BeWell Program Associate CrinninL@sjfs.org
Ginai Prosper Clinical Intern 228 ProsperG@sjfs.org
Marcin Zak Clinical Intern 228 ZakM@sjfs.org
Rebekah Sons Clinical Intern 228 SonsR@sjfs.org
Yu-Syuan Liang Clinical Intern 228 LiangY@sjfs.org
Call for Transportation and/or Medical Appointment Companion/Advocacy 234
Volunteers, Education and Outreach, Exceptional Needs
Deborah Ellis Education, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator 256 EllisD@sjfs.org